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Our Service

Product selection

1>We can meet your requirements for LCD screen, such as use environment, application scenarios, application fields, special requirements, etc;
2>We will make a comprehensive evaluation and give you the most suitable solution, including supporting LCD driver board and cable, supporting resistance screen and capacitance screen, etc.

Technical Support
1>We provide free technical support, including providing technical documents (datasheets) to explain product specifications, performance, etc.
2>We have professional FAE docking to solve debugging problems
3>We can provide professional technical evaluation and experience guidance, such as helping you plan the overall scheme, screen hardware circuit and structure design, etc.

Custom Service
We have 350 employees, including more than 60 Engineers, who can support customization needs. For example, we can make the standard screen support highlighting, modify the structure of the display screen, customize the resistive screen or capacitive touch screen, etc.

About Sample
We pay close attention to production and inventory, and can quickly provide the most accurate sample information.

About Bulk Delivery
There are many kinds of raw materials for LCD panel manufacturing, and the manufacturing cycle is long. We expect to maintain close dialogue with customers to solve the complex problems that may be encountered in the delivery process.

Delivery Inspection
We have a professional quality department. The packaging of all original screens meets the packaging specifications of their manufacturers. We ensure 100% testing before sample shipment. Even for customized products, they also comply with the quality standards of industrial products to ensure the stability, reliability and traceability of product quality.

About Transportation
We will try our best to do a good job in packing, but there may be damage during transportation. Therefore, the customer needs to deliver the product to the site, open the packaging box, check the product protection, and confirm that the product is not damaged before signing, otherwise do not sign. Please ensure that the delivery personnel are present before inspection.
In case of transportation damage or loss, please keep the original appearance of the goods and contact us immediately to communicate the next handling method.

Product Warranty 
The warranty period of the product is one year from the date of delivery.If the product does not work properly after assembly during the warranty period, it can be returned to us for inspection.
Cases not covered by the warranty: such as electrostatic injury, welding short circuit, improper wiring, overload use, external force injury, falling screen fragmentation, etc.
For products not covered by the warranty, we can provide paid repair; when the product cannot be repaired, both parties can negotiate a solution.