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LCD Driver Board

LCD driver board is a driver control board that integrates MCU, video channel and various input and output ports to drive LCD. Our LCD driver board can provide CPU / SPI / RGB / LVDS / VGA / HDMI interface conversion.

Brand Model Supported Screen Resolutions Supported screen interfaces Signal input Whether mass production
Disea PCBA-LVDS-5 - 40PIN-RGB In Production
Disea PCBA-LVDS-7 - 40PIN-LVDS In Production
Disea PCBA-MT043050 480*272;800*480 40PIN-RGB In Production
Disea PCBA-MD050056 800*600;640*480 50PIN-RGB In Production
Disea PCBA-MD07080 800*600;640*480;1024*768 30PIN*2-RGB;50PIN-RGB In Production
Disea PCBA-MD070201 800*600;640*480;1024*768 60PIN-RGB;40PIN-LVDS(2.54双排针) In Production
Disea PCBA-TCON-N1 800*480;800*600 40PIN-RGB;50PIN-RGB;60PIN-RGB In Production
Disea PCBA-2668 800*480;800*600;1024*600;1024*768 50PIN-RGB;30PIN-LVDS;40PIN-LVDS In Production