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Influence Of ESD on display screen

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When it comes to static electricity, you must be familiar with it. In the dry season, when we take off our clothes, we will hear crackling sound. For example, when we touch others, we suddenly feel electrified. This belongs to static electricity. Static electricity often appears in our life, but the impact of static electricity on electronic products can not be ignored.

1> The source of LCD static electricity

The static electricity in LCD screen will have a great impact on the circuit. There are still many sources of static electricity, mainly from human body, plastic products and related equipment and instruments. There are more sources of static electricity in the environment, such as objects and materials; Floors, tables and chairs; Work clothes and packaging containers; Painted or waxed appearance, organic and fiberglass materials; Cement floor, painted or waxed floor, plastic floor tile or floor leather; Chemical fiber work clothes, non-conductive work shoes, clean cotton work clothes; Plastics, packaging boxes, boxes, bags, pads, foam plastic gaskets, etc., they will generate static electricity.

The failures caused by electrostatic discharge in LCD screen mainly include sudden failure and potential failure. In the application environment, the potential failure accounts for about 90%, while the sudden failure only accounts for 10%. The potential failure will bring greater harm, which will weaken the anti electric over stress ability of the circuit and greatly shorten the service life.

2> Influence of static electricity on LCD screen

Static electricity has a great impact on LCD screen. Static electricity will directly burn the chips or other electronic components on LCD screen. The loss of this phenomenon is relatively heavy. Once burned, the consequences are irreparable.

Static electricity will also affect the display status of LCD screen, such as flower screen, no display, etc. It is often difficult to check the display abnormalities caused by static electricity on the LCD screen. Therefore, when the LCD screen is in the status of flower screen and non display, we should also consider whether it is the impact of static electricity.

If we have anti-static requirements for the use of LCD, we need to pay special attention to product selection. With different brands, different application fields and different levels, the anti-static design of LCD screen is also different. Attention should be paid to model selection. Of course, if there is customization demand, Deruxi can also provide customers with appropriate solutions.