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The price of LCD panel rises sharply and is seriously out of stock

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The key components of TFT LCD panel are frequently transmitted, which not only drives the IC supply still tight, including accidents such as equipment failures in furnaces of large glass substrate manufacturers such as AGC ,  NEG and Corning, but also increases the inventory due to the expected price increase of downstream channel customers, resulting in the continuous bullish price of LCD panel in the near future. Following the continuous increase in the quotation in January and February, it is expected that the quotation in March and April after the lunar new year will still be supported.

Originally, the outside world was worried that the large Korean panel manufacturers have delayed the reduction / shutdown plan of LCD panels one after another. In addition, China's new production capacity of generation 8.6 and generation 10.5 has resumed production one after another, and the production rate of new production lines has gradually increased, which may increase the supply of LCD panels in the second half of the year, and then affect the trend of panel quotation after the lunar year.

However, the recent frequent situation of key components of the panel has led to a strong continuation of the price rise of the panel. On the one hand, the supply of driving IC such as TCON and PMIC is still tight. It is estimated that the shortage may take more than 3 months to ease.

On the other hand, since the end of last year, the major glass substrate manufacturers Corning , NEG and AGC have successively reported accidents such as equipment failure, power failure and even explosion. Although the single impact of each glass furnace is limited, it has more or less impact on the overall panel industry. Especially during the period when the overall panel supply is limited and the price is bullish, even if individual panel factories can obtain the same amount of glass substrate supply during this period, the overall panel price will still rise in the first quarter under the consideration of avoiding capacity shift at the purchasing end and taking into account the maximum profit margin.

The short-term shortage of panels is difficult to solve, especially after the Spring Festival holiday, the factory is afraid to reproduce the "shortage of workers". At that time, the overall production situation will be more tight, and the shortage of panels will continue to burn.

According to the survey, the quotation of the three application large-size panels continued to rise in February after the overall increase in January. It is expected that the quotation in March and April will still be supported after the lunar new year. On the whole, the panel quotation in the first quarter has a double-digit range. The first quarter profit performance of  Auo and Innolux, a large panel manufacturer, has the opportunity to be better than that of the previous quarter.