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Disea will be settled in Zhaoqing New Area

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On the morning of November 28, the project of Zhaoqing New Area Electronic Information Industrial Park was officially started and is expected to be delivered in June next year. This also means that the development of electronic information industry in Zhaoqing new area will enter the fast lane. The planned total investment of the project is about 829.3078 million yuan, covering an area of about 172.12 mu, and the planned total construction area is about 248048.2 square meters. The industrial park will focus on the introduction of industrial types such as "electronic processing, semiconductor manufacturing and precision instrument manufacturing" by building high-standard workshops for the electronic information industry, benchmarking the production needs of small and medium-sized electronic enterprises with strong growth, so as to accelerate the agglomeration of high-end electronic information industry in Zhaoqing new area. After the completion of phase I, the annual output value is expected to be 1044 million yuan.

At present, there are 8 projects planned to be settled in the first phase of the industrial park, including Disea Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project, Manulife Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project, Jinghong Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project, zhishengxin Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project, boyixin Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project, Xinpengda Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project Xuri Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project and Zhonghui Electronics (Zhaoqing) production base project.

In addition to the standard plant, the project will also build a comprehensive building, dormitory building, sewage treatment station and basic public supporting facilities in the park, which can meet the production needs of electronic information industry segments such as optical communication, compound semiconductor, 5g, intelligent terminal, semiconductor equipment manufacturing and packaging testing. At the same time, it also has the functions of incubator and accelerator.

Since this year, Zhaoqing new area has grasped the industrial development trend, listed the electronic information industry as the leading industry, closely followed the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and introduced a number of electronic information industry projects with quick effect and strong hematopoietic function. At present, the electronic information industry in Zhaoqing new area is forming a trend of high-quality centralized development.